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  ... of the small breweries / microbrewery began more than 20 years ago in England, Germany and the USA and is not to be stopped. What however makes our microbrewery in such a manner successful? The new fact with microbreweries is appropriate for our beer in the outstanding final product. It is fresher and not filtered contrary to beer, which is industrially produced in a large brewery. It is pleasant to drink, healthy, and richly at vitamins. Our beer manufactured on purely biological of natural basis, brewed after the German purity requirement of 1516 with added water, malt, hop and yeast. With a small brewery/ microbrewery old handicraft art is revived and your guest wins a completely special experience, because it may see the process of beer brewing very close.
From the experience character of the beer brewing and the own individual beer mark a firm connection results to the own brewery and to the domestic product for your guests. The profit for you lies not least in the increase in sales and the economy of the own production. With our international experience of many years since 1993 we, the Brau-Konzept GmbH, are the competent partner for the total conception of your ready for occupancy small brewery.
The Story of Success